Make your website work for you,
not the other way around.

Whether you built your website yourself or hired a freelancer to do it for you, a website critique will cut to the chase and tell it to you straight – what you need to change on your website to make it more effective, user-friendly and convert visitors into customers.

Stop throwing darts in the dark and hoping they stick. Get feedback on your website from someone who really understands how to get your brand in front of your target audience.

A website critique is an evaluation of your website based on design, content, user experience and SEO that tells you how to get your online presence to a place where you're getting constant organic traffic to your site, attracting your ideal client, gaining a loyal tribe of returning visitors, and converting them into customers.

Here are the top 6 reasons why our clients book a website critique:

  Ensure your website is effective and optimized to achieve your business goals.

  Discover what areas of your site that needs improvement (or a total revamp).

  Understand how your site is performing from a technical standpoint (SEO, speed, accessibility, user experience, etc).

  Identify any security vulnerabilities that could put your online business at risk.

  Find out what could be sending leads and sales away.

  Create an action plan to take your website where it needs to be to better serve your business.


"Since 2014, when I first hired Licia, she's been nothing but professional and very knowledgeable in everything web design and digital marketing! She is the "real deal" when it comes to WordPress development, and aside from having "the eye" for effective web design, she also knows her way around the back-end technicalities. Did I mention her SEO skills are very up to par and she keeps up to trends? It's great having Licia on the team!"

Jenny Lau, Marketing Director
NAIT Students' Association

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"Licia was a delight to work with on the Nugget website! She worked closely with me to develop a site that met the needs of the Nugget team, creating a finished product that is both engaging for our readers and user-friendly for our staff to manage. She promtply delivered a site that is easy to use, attractive, and adaptable for longevity. In addition to her skills as a web developer, Licia brings enthusiasm and love to her work; she makes the process fun and leaves her clients feeling empowered and knowledgeable. She has excellent attention to detail and takes the time to build a site that meets each client’s unique needs and user abilities."

Danielle Fuechtmann, Editor in Chief
NAIT Nugget

Simplify your success, reclaim your sanity and turn your web design clients into repeat customers and raving fans.

As a junior web designer, it's important to get feedback on your work before sending it to clients or publishing it on the web. A website critique can help you learn what works and what doesn't on your design, identify potential flaws that'll drive clients away and can help you figure out what other areas that need improvement before it goes live.

Here's how a website critique can help you build the brilliant websites and wow your clients without losing your marbles:

 Get suggestions on how to improve your design before you submit it to your clients.

 Find out how well your site will perform on different devices.

 Learn how to optimize your design for search engines.

 Discover potential problems with your code or markup.

 See where your design stands compared to latest trends.

 Get ideas for new content or features to add to your site.

 Get constructive feedback that will help you grow confident as a designer from an experienced web designer and developer.

 Become the confident heroine of your web design business and get all the praise from your customer fans.