Take the first step and feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off 100 times

Let’s build a website!

Not all web designers do the same things. Before we begin working together, I want you to be clear about what I can do for you.

  Informational: Your brand headquarters that connects everything about your business in one place.
  E-Commerce: Simple, seamless payment integration that allows you to sell products and services without a hassle.
  Membership: A centralized hub for your members to return to and consume content.
  Online Course: An online learning experience for your members that is easy to consume and build brand value.
  Coaching Program: Help your audience get the result they need with quality help, advice and accountability.
  Community: A safe space for your members to communicate in and thrive.
  Pipelines: Optimize and scale your business with automated marketing campaigns and sales funnels.

“Out of everyone I have worked with for websites, I can honestly say that I’ve had such an amazing experience with Licia. Her ability to understand our brand and put it together in a website is outstanding. I have never seen such an organized structure and she delivered the project on time and within my budget. She is open to suggestions, feedback, and changes, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with her. “

Joanne Bartolome, Owner at Empathie (previously YEG Marketing)

How I can help you

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. If we’re going to work together, here’s what I need you to know about me:

  I use my superpowers of listening, intuition, and creativity, plus research to craft every project to match each client’s personality, brand, audience and business goals.

  I treat every project as a collaboration instead of a client-and-service-provider relationship.

  In the many years working with creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing teams, I’ve found my most successful projects are with clients that have these traits in common:

ONE, they’re as passionate about their project as I am. They commit the time, energy and space to the project to make it successful.

TWO, they know who they serve and how they serve best. They are clear and confident about the message they want to spread or the movement they want to create and look to me to assist them in bringing their vision to life.

THREE, they value my expertise and experience and are eager for my contribution to the project. They realize I bring a lot to the table and are excited to implement my ideas and suggestions.