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It seems like the worst tech issues always happen when you're about to launch your next thing. From Google Chrome marking a site as "insecure" to contact forms that stops sending emails to broken links and 404 pages. - and you won't know about anything until it's too late. Luckily, these issues are easily preventable with a few minutes of care.

Join the Website Tune-Up Challenge

Stop tech gremlins from taking the spotlight and confusing your clients with quick website tune-up fixes that even if non-tech folks can do in one afternoon.

The Website Tune-Up Challenge is a guided step-by-step mini-course breaking down 10 main areas of your site that need ongoing maintenance and support into 4 core categories of powerful website tune-up checklists so that you can do more updates in less time without breaking a sweat.

First impressions are everything! And if your site doesn't look trustworthy (or doesn't load at all), it is costing you serious money. These are the four core categories of quick fixes that the Website Tune-Up Challenge will help you conquer once and for all.


Get your accounts together to test, update or delete information published across the most visited pages of your website. If something doesn't help connect, build trust or sell an offer, it needs to go. 


When was the last time that you bought your offers as a test? When you review, update or remove old sales pages and client onboarding automation, you avoid awkward situations for your clients.


A lot can happen in a year. Maybe you got a new certification, was featured in the press, participated on a hot podcast, or got a raving client testimonial. Visitors and clients want to know about you. 


If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Setting goals and tracking metrics can be overwhelming, but they'll bring great insights about your business performance when you do them consistently.


Don't send another client or lead away from your site!

Spend an afternoon now to get your site in good shape so you aren't rushing to fix things before you launch your next program or offer. The Website Tune-Up mini-course and master checklist make it easy for you to clean up the digital clutter, organize your website and take on new clients with confidence.

Find out what's really working for your online business so you can stop fighting tech and start getting paid.

Included in the Website Tune-Up Challenge:

  • Access to video training
  • Access to presentation file
  • Printable Website Tune-Up Challenge master checklist.
  • 1-week of email series with bonus material and reminders to enhance your Website Tune-Up experience.

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